Eastbay Media

Push Streaming

Go Live Anytime and Anywhere

Because of our re-architected two-tier distibution network, we are only of the only major streaming network providers that have enabled the new "push" features of Windows Media Services 9 on our network. With Windows Media Push, you can send a live stream from any Windows Media encoder behind a firewall, NAT, or DHCP server. The only requrements are that you have enough bandwidth for the size stream you want to deliver and access to HTTP port 80.

Windows Media Push has great benefits for the webcaster-on-the-go. But it also have a few drawbacks from the more conventional "pull" method. We don't recommend Windows Media Push for 24/7 webcasts, long events, or super mission-critical situations. Give us a call and we'd be happy to explain the differences and help you decide which method is right for your needs.