Eastbay Media

Premium Encoding

What's so "premium" about our encoding services? Simply put, it's our really great gear in the hands of expert compression technicians who know how to use it. Encoding video for web delivery and other low-bitrate applications is truly an artform. Ever see Internet video that just looks awesome? Well, just maybe it has passed through our hands.

We pre and post-process your audio and video to prepare it for online delivery using specialized broadcast-quality hardware and custom software. We understand how to scene-by-scene tweaks that correct gamma, color, and audio dynamics to optimize performance on a computer screen. We understand what codecs to use and why. We encode with your users and customers in mind. Our job is to enhance your brand, not destroy it. The result of our efforts is quite amazing - especially when viewed side by side with the "off the shelf" encoding that you get from most companies, or from automated "upload and convert" websites.

Need High Definition or 16:9 format? No problem. We have recently upgraded our studio to handle what we soon expect to be a "must have".

EastBay Media's "enCode of Ethics":

We will always think of our customer's audience and needs when they entrust us to encode their content. We will use the best tools available and build the tools that are not available. We will not allow anyone to touch an encoder who is not an expert compressionist. We will twiddle no knob unless there is a good reason. We will make your Internet video look better than you can.