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Eastbay Media's Advantage Over "Video Platform" or SaaS providers

There are many reasons that our clients prefer to use an "open" Streaming CDN like EastbayCDN over "closed" Video Platform companies

The Internet video market has become confusing with an onslaught of new companies providing video distribution services. This latest generation of companies generally cage the experience to their built-in players using their chosen formats and templates so they can control the entire operation from end-to-end.

These types of companies are generally referred to as "Video Platform" providers or SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. Many of these companies have business models that rely on using your content to create traffic on their sites. They may collect user data for their own benefit, or they may sell their own advertising against your content, and they may even brand your content as their own. Once a video is published, it can be extremely difficult to re-purpose it elsewhere.

There are many reasons that our clients prefer to use our EastbayCDN streaming service over "Video Platform" companies - and their reasons make perfect sense for what they need to accomplish. Here are a few differences between a true Streaming Content Delivery Network provider such as EastbayCDN and a "Video Platform" provider.

  • Eastbay Media is an "open" services company, not a "closed" platform. While we provide advanced upload and management tools, stats, and players; we do not limit our clients to use certain formats, players, or publishing methods. Our clients appreciate that they can choose from many open source or 3rd party players, build their own player, or use one of the players that we have licensed on their behalf for free. They can integrate video with their own CMS and publish content virtually any way they want.
  • Eastbay Media offers true streaming, in many formats, so you have choices to accommodate any use scenario. Most Video Platform providers deliver your content using a single player technology and a cheaper HTTP download method which can inherently waste bandwidth and facilitate piracy of your content.
  • Eastbay Media does not promote, advertise against, claim rights to, or benefit from your content in any way. From an SEO perspective, your content looks like it's coming from YOUR site, not ours. You benefit from your traffic, not us. It's your brand, we will never mess with that.
  • Eastbay Media does live and on-demand streaming. Most Video Platform providers do one or the other, rarely both.
  • Eastbay Media supports the latest technologies such as HTML5 and mobile streaming, plus legacy formats. Still have those old WMV and RM videos? We can stream them, still! Not many can say that these days...
  • We are small enough to get to know our clients and your account manager is a phone call away. There are no call centers, 3rd party tech support people, or automated call queues. You call, we know who you are, and we help you.
  • EastbayCDN has no limits. We don't cap your usage so some number of views per day, video file size, duration, or bandwidth per month. If your content becomes popular, we deliver it every time.
  • Eastbay Media is a true consultancy. We not only provide Internet media delivery, but we write code, can help your refine your digital media strategy, develop an asset management scheme, help you build an encoding studio, or show up to your event and produce your webcast end-to-end - for far less cost than you probably think.
  • Eastbay Media has been at this for a long, long time. Over the past decade and a half, we've come to expect changes in streaming technology. We've been through the first wave of codec wars and are now helping people survive the current wave. We have the experience to help guide you to understand what makes sense and why.